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Are you a teacher, club leader, or member of a hacklab, and are you enthusiastic about leading combat robotics club activities?

We are looking for schools and hacklabs interested in running Robosota Ry's activities outside of the organized events.

Collaboration ensures a stable future for the sport, a larger number of enthusiasts, and the opportunity to diversify technology education and club offerings, teaching through practical, fun, and creative approaches.

The association supports club activities by providing safe and fair foundations for engaging in the sport, sharing information about the sport, and allowing the use of our website's event calendar.

As the leader of the club activities, we hope that you are a member of the association, so that you are always up-to-date with the sport and can be involved in its development.

If you are interested, come chat with us on our telegram -channel,or contact us at .

Involved in Club Activities