Robosota Etusivu

Robosota is a hobby where radio-controlled or autonomous robots compete in weight classes. The objective is to disable the opponent or knock it out of the arena within a time limit of 3 minutes. Only damage resulting from physical contact is allowed in Finland.

Currently, battles are held in Finland in the 150g and 450g weight classes. Robosota organizes tournaments four times a year in different locations. Participation in these tournaments is open to both members and non-members of the association. Additionally, local tournaments organized by clubs and schools can be freely arranged.

Learning through fun, development, and destruction.

Robot combat offers a versatile way to study and engage in robotics, as participants design and build the robots from scratch. The hobby fosters imagination and manual skills, as robots can be constructed from a wide range of household items, not just through 3D printing or machining. Many hobbyists also create their own components from scratch, but the enjoyment is not hindered if one doesn't reach that level of expertise.

Power in teamwork!

It is common, especially in larger weight classes, for groups to plan and participate together with a single robot, making the sport ideal for educational use in schools. Teams often include families, couples, friends, and representatives from different generations. Healthy competitive spirit and a warm global community are also typical characteristics of the sport.

The significance of combat robots in educational environments and as a family activity has grown significantly worldwide, and hopefully it holds true for Finland as well.

What will you need to start the hobby?

  • Transmitter (RC -stick radio, phone etc.)
  • Receiver (Radio, wifi, bluetooth)
  • Motors for driving and motor controllers
  • Optional weapon with motor and driver
  • At least one battery and charger
  • Bodymaterials
  • Wires and connectors
  • Tools

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Vuoden viimeiset rytinät pidetään Metropolian ammattikorkean Robogaragella 23.11.2024!

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